Minimalistic Maven repository manager
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Minimalistic Maven Repository Manager.


Repositable is a extremely minimal, but fully-functional maven repository manager. It stores artifacts as files and generates metadata from their listing. It is meant to be simple alternative to Artifactory or Nexus or Archiva, that has no web UI, but consumes much less memory. Its targeted at individuals that want to code and just publish artifacts.

Repositable is written in Java as a single-jar application with embedded HTTP server.

Supported features:

  • Multiple named repositories,
  • Authentication: anybody can download artifacts, only named users can upload,
  • Virtual repositories: merging multiple repository to be visible as one,
  • Repository filters: allowing only specified group of artifacts to be uploaded to repository,

Repositable is by design configured by single XML configuration.

How to install

Download jar-with-dependencies jar from releases section, prepare a configuration file and just run jar:

java -jar repositable-x.x.x-jar-with-dependencies.jar <configuration>


Configuration is self-explanatory:

        <user id="first">
        <user id="second">
    <repository name="snapshots">
            <snapshots />
            <user ref="first" />
            <user ref="second" />
    <repository name="releases">
            <releases />
            <user ref="second" />
    <virtual name="all">
            <repository ref="snapshots" />
            <repository ref="releases" />